Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Edit And Make Your Own Max99 File

Dear all maxers,
You can edityour max99 jar file. All you have to do is extract jar file and then edit the contents of it. To extract jar file you can use winzip or winrar. My favorite is winrar. 
With your pc: install winrar to your pc. Right click on the jar file and go to open with and choose winrar archiver. Then u can edit the .png files with any graphics editor. Hope you can understand.Copy the MANIFEST.MF to your desktop. Next open it with Notepad and change the marked parts to your own name! Replace the default file with your edited file!Congratulation you are done with it.You have a (yourname)99 . CONGRATS! 

Note: That Changing The Vendor Name Could Cause Sign Errors Which Occurs On Your Phone!That worked but how do you set your own background (include the steps with pictures)

Free Sms Service

It's really glad to announce max99 new service. 
The services, I am talking about is free local sms for Indonesian & Pakistani users. They can send sms at free of cost in their country but it need max99 points which you can get by refereeing friends. Whereas there are some deduction of max99 points according to points ratio which are of following:

  • A local sms will charge 5 Max99 points, if a user has more than 50,000 points in his account.
  • A local sms will charge 50 Max99 points, if a user has less than 50,000 points in his account.
  • A local sms will charge 100 Max99 points, if a user has less than 10,000 points in his account.

This service is activated for Indonesian only. However Pakistan & many more countries will be added as soon as possible.

List Of Max99 Staff Members

The names and max99 ids of Max99 staff is listed below:

Username- aftab
Real name- Aftab Ahmed
Country- Pakistan

Username- zaka
Real name- Malik Zaka
Country- Pakistan

Username- xtreme
Real name- Abdul Habibo
Country- Pakistan

Username- mr.Affair(resigned)
Real name- Assif Ismail
Country- Mozambique

Username- mpumalanga
Real name- Minaz
Country- Mozambique

Username- dead_head
Real name- Nique
Country- Mozambique

Username- awais
Real name- Awais Zaib
Country- Pakistan

Username- dude
Real name- Dani
Country- Pakistan

Username- little--prince
Real name- Pradeep Sapkota
Country- Nepal

Username- syed
Real name- syed romim
Country- Bangladesh